HEDIS consulting services and systems review


In addition to HEDIS auditing experience, Aqurate team also has extensive experience in providing HEDIS consulting services and in conducting end-to-end systems and process reviews in order to identify root causes that may be negatively impacting the HEDIS rates. Aqurate team is knowledgeable and experienced in identifying issues that are specifically related to HEDIS measures. Aqurate approach is to provide a targeted review of client’s systems in order to identify possible gaps that might be potentially impacting HEDIS rates. To ensure that the consulting engagement is productive and a helpful experience for clients, Aqurate's approach is collegial, collaborative and flexible.


In order to make the consulting engagement productive and helpful to the client, Aqurate team issues a report with findings with actionable information; recommendations; measure specific issues and their impact on reporting. This report is customized for each client in order to meet the needs of the client and includes findings for each of the sections that were reviewed. The final report will also include measure specific issues and their impact on reporting.


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